Digital Printing
We exclusively use Digital Latex ink printers from HP. a new LATEX ink that revolutionizes the world of medium and large format imaging and printing. 100% natural and ecological without volatile pollutants and without solvent, respectful of the environment because without emission of ozone, and on the market this ink composed of 70% water and 30% latex is not subject to the problem cleaning (rejection of ink after printing) which is lacking on solvent or eco-solvent ink printers. This technology has been declared the most ecological technology by the European Digital Press Association


This resin is made with components derived from natural origin. GreenPoxy® 33 has been developed specifically for use in the press or other compression techniques.

Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® product range contains 28 to 51% of carbon molecules derived from plant material waste, GreenPoxy®33 containing 35%. All GreenPoxy® products are certified by the French CNRS and American BETA laboratories; their carbon level is measured by carbon 14 dating by following the standards (ASTM D6866 or XP CEN / TS 16640).

Wood Cores

We use several types of wood
Wood cores FSC Paulownia, Poplar, Beech, bamboo, ash,
etc. Combination of several wood species.


Fiberglass, carbon, kevlar, basalt,
Biax, triax, quadrax fiberglass.
Carbon fiber
Linen fiber
Hybrid Carbon / Kevlar fiber
Basalt fiber


Matt or glossy varnish. UV bench drying
Matt or brilliant varnish.
Tinted resin
Post decor in selective varnish


Various finishes possible, hot stamping, post
decor, emblem,
Various finishes possible:
Hot stamping
Selective post decor